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10-6-11: Arizona Cardinals Bird Droppings - Was Kolb A Mistake?

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 (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
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Time for todays links, including one on how some Cardinals fans have already been calling into radio shows here saying that it was a mistake to trade for Kolb.

Arizona Cardinals News:

Kevin Kolb of Arizona Cardinals not shaken by fans' criticism - ESPN
The honeymoon didn't last long for Kevin Kolb in Arizona. Fans already are calling local sports talk shows to complain that trading for the quarterback was a mistake. That's after a grand total of four games. Talk about a lack of patience. Fans have short memories, failing to recall that Kurt Warner didn't exactly get off to a rousing start to what became a magnificent career-ending run with the Cardinals.

Setting A Running Standard
Wells, Cards getting physical with the ground game

For Now, Graham Back With Cards
Notebook: P Zastudil among injury list; McNabb stays Vikings' starter

Arizona Cardinals QB Kevin Kolb still learning on the run
Kevin Kolb is the Cardinals' most mobile quarterback since Josh McCown started in the 2004 season. But mobility is like money: It's better to have it than not, and it can complicate life. It's a power that Kolb has yet to master. There have been times this season in which he has left the pocket too early, before he was pressured and before receivers had time to come open downfield. And there have been occasions he has stayed too long, when it made more sense to sprint for a 5-yard gain than be sacked for a 10-yard loss. There is a short fence separating blessing and curse. blogs - Kent Somers - Keeping up with Kurt Warner
Former Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner retired from playing football, but has stayed involved in the sport through a number of ways.

Time To Bombard Larry Fitzgerald's Twitter Account - From Our Editors -
I normally don't care much about athlete Twitter accounts, but this seems like a worthwhile reason to follow one. Larry Fitzgerald has an offer that will likely benefit him, but will also benefit a worthy charity.

Wells, Whisenhunt agree on run game importance -
In four games this season, Cardinals fans started to get the run game they've been asking for, but it's only translated to one win. So what gives?

Larry Fitzgerald prepares for Minnesota homecoming -
Sunday will mark the second time in his career Larry Fitzgerald will play in the state he was raised in.

Cardinals, Vikings: A third down nightmare -
When the Arizona Cardinals offense lines up on third down against the Minnesota Vikings defense this Sunday, it is possible the encounter could create a time paradox; the results of which could cause a chain reaction that would unravel the very fabric of the space time continuum and destroy the entire universe. Granted that's a worst-case scenario. The matchup might not be that severe but that is how bad the teams are playing on third down.

For Cardinals close isn't good enough -
The Arizona Cardinals have lost three games by a combined eight points. Two of the three losses saw the Cardinals let a fourth quarter lead slip away. So while they've been close to wins, the fact is that's not good enough.

NFC West: Injury situations that matter - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Arizona: Beanie Wells' emphatic return from a hamstring injury last week signals he's ready to carry the offense if necessary. That affects every aspect of the offense for Arizona. LaRod Stephens-Howling's has not yet returned kickoffs since returning from a hand injury. His replacement, A.J. Jefferson, has averaged 29.0 yards per return. The team re-signed veteran punter Ben Graham as insurance in case Dave Zastudil's sore knee prevents him from playing. Graham's familiarity with the Cardinals and experience as Jay Feely's holder on field goals made him a natural choice in a pinch. Right tackle Brandon Keith's knee injury could press Jeremy Bridges into the lineup. Bridges has played pretty well when needed, including last week, but his shall-we-say exuberance puts him at risk for penalties.

Arizona Cardinals sign former punter Ben Graham
Punter Ben Graham was celebrating his daughter's 12th birthday at SeaWorld in San Diego earlier this week when the Cardinals called and offered him his old job back, sort of. Graham accepted and the family cut the outing short. "She was a little upset," Graham said. "Then she said, 'This could be the greatest birthday. Dad's back playing with the Cardinals.' So it was kind of cool."

Word From the Birds Blog - Kolb knows there will be critics
One thing you notice about Kevin Kolb: He understands all parts of his job, which includes critical analysis and fans getting upset with his play. Maybe he spent too much time in Philadelphia, long known for the collective critical eye it casts on its local athletes. All I know is there are plenty of players who say they get it when it sure doesn’t seem like they do, and Kolb isn’t one of them. blogs - Kent Somers - Cardinals make roster moves
I haven't consulted with Elias, but I'm assuming it's rare for a team to have two punters on the roster. But the Cardinals do after making roster moves Wednesday morning. Ben Graham was re-signed, and Dave Zastudil remains on the roster. Zastudil has a knee injury, according to the team, and his status for Sunday's game in Minneapolis is in question.

Cardinals Underground - MIN Preview
Paul Calvisi, Darren Urban, and Ron Wolfley talk about Beanie Wells, Kevin Kolb, and look ahead to the Vikings game

Cards Daily - Carter Making Impact as Rookie
Since being drafted in the 6th round, rookie defensive lineman David Carter has impressed coaches and teammates with his play. Damien Anderson catches up with with Carter to ask him about his season up to this point.

Arizona Sports News:

Arizona Diamondbacks use home-run power to tie NLDS, force deciding Game 5 vs. Milwaukee Brewers
Kirk Gibson didn't want this series to be easy. The harder the better. Or so the Diamondbacks manager told reporters in Milwaukee last week. He has since reconsidered. "What a dummy," Gibson said Wednesday afternoon. Thing is, his team knows no other way, and just as their 10-6 win in Game 4 over the Milwaukee Brewers on Wednesday night was fraught with tension, the do-or-die Game 5 it bought - set for Friday at Miller Park - figures to be even tougher. So, yeah, of course the team known for making comebacks went down 2-0 before evening this best-of-five series. What did everyone expect?

Phoenix Suns Managing Partner Robert Sarver ripped on local radio show
Suns Managing Partner Robert Sarver, like all owners, has agreed to not talk about the NBA's collective bargaining agreement negotiations or his role in it as a member of the owners' labor relations board. That stipulation must be killing him because the media coverage of the labor talks sure has. Sarver is taking a beatdown from the media. There was one story that referred to him as "a dove" in negotiations. The rest of the reporting and analysis has been bird droppings on his reputation.

NFL News:

Where NFC West teams rank in turnovers - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The chart shows where NFC West teams stand in turnover differential. The 49ers, Indianapolis Colts and St. Louis Rams are the only teams with fewer than two interceptions. Each has one.

Week 5 rematches: NFC West vengeance? - NFC West Blog - ESPN
NFC West teams went 0-3 last season against the teams they face in Week 5. They lost those games by a combined 99-31 score. Much has changed since then. Let's take a look:

With Chad Henne's Injury, Dolphins Plan To Sign Sage Rosenfels -
The Miami Dolphins are having a tough season as it is with an 0-4 record and a coach, Tony Sparano, who is widely believed to be on the hot seat. The news got worse on Thursday when it was reported that Chad Henne, the team's starting quarterback, would be having shoulder surgery and will miss the rest of the season for the Dolphins.

Michael Vick, The Eagles, And The Dream Team That Never Was -
Michael Vick declared the Eagles' Dream Team 'dead' on Wednesday, and all around the NFL, Philadelphia's critics are getting the last laugh. But the 'Dream Team' has been a lie all along.

Andrew Luck Sweepstakes: When Tanking Brings Good Luck In 2012 NFL Draft -
After a quarter of the NFL season, the race for the number one pick is heating up as teams look to add franchise quarterback Andrew Luck. We break down all the contenders.

Hank Williams Jr., ESPN Part Ways After Obama-Hitler Analogy -
ESPN has decided to pull the plug on Hank Williams Jr. for good after he made waves with political statements regarding President Barack Obama. ESPN previously took his now-famous "Are You Ready For Some Football?" opening song to Monday Night Football off the air but in a statement released on Thursday ESPN announced that they are parting ways with Williams.

Hank Williams Jr. Says He Quit ESPN: 'All My Rowdy Friends Are OUT OF HERE' -
ESPN released a statement on Thursday announcing they were parting ways with Hank Williams Jr., whose "Are You Ready For Some Football?" has been the opening sequence to Monday Night Football for 23 seasons. This comes after some controversial comments from Williams Jr. on President Barack Obama. Around the same time ESPN released a statement that they were parting ways with him, Williams Jr. announced on his website that he quit.