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Madden NFL 12: Arizona Cardinals Week Five Roster

Beanie's rating continues to increase  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Beanie's rating continues to increase (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

After the third straight loss for the Cardinals, more players had their ratings go down than up for the Cardinals. In fact they were among the biggest losers with four players who had their ratings go down including one guy who we all love to trash over here.

Today, EA Sports released the ratings that will be available online tomorrow morning for those of of who own the game to download. We will take a quick look at some of the changes after the jump.

The two winners in this update were Beanie Wells coming off of a game where he set a career high in carries, yards, and touchdowns. Rookie David Carter also saw a four point increase after having another good game including a sack of Eli Manning that forced a fumble.

Meanwhile the listed starters in the secondary for Madden 12 Patrick Peterson and Richard Marshall both saw decreases. Kevin Kolb also lost a point after the second straight mediocre performance from him. And our whipping boy Levi Brown went down a point dropping him to a 69 overall. I'd have to look this up, but that is probably one of the lowest ratings for a starting Left Tackle in Madden 12, if not the lowest.

Something that still needs to be done but I haven't seen listed among the changes is Stewart Bradley's number being changed from 97 to 52.

Here is the list showing all of the ratings changes, and if there is anything you think should be changed in the ratings, tell Donny Moore the guy for EA Sports who handles the ratings changes. This is his Twitter account and he does listen to what fans tell him about who should go up or down each week.

Levi Brown OL ARZ Decrease, from 70 to 69OVR
Richard Marshall CB ARZ Decrease, from 79 to 76OVR
Patrick Peterson CB ARZ Decrease, from 82 to 81OVR
Kevin Kolb QB ARZ Decrease, from 84 to 83OVR
David Carter DL ARZ Increase, from 60 to 64OVR
Beanie Wells HB ARZ Increase, from 78 to 81OVR
Ryan Bartholomew OL ARZ Signs