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Are The Minnesota Vikings The Remedy To Kevin Kolb's 'Slump'?

ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski was on local radio on Thursday talking to Burns and Gambo about Kevin KolbHe described Kolb as being in a slump, just four games into his Arizona Cardinals career. We have seen the effects of Kolb's supposed struggles. Some dropbacks he looks great and makes a great throw while others he is quick to leave the pocket and try to make something happen. 

Essentially, as Jaws described it, Kolb is playing "very, very fast." It is completely understandable, as he is still very new to the Cardinals and their offensive  system. He started the season with two good performances but has followed them up with disappointing ones. 

Jaws was certainly not down on Kolb. He said that Kolb, like many other QBs, will just have to work through these struggles. He views him as having great potential. "I think eventually you're going to have an outstanding quarterback in Arizona," said Jaworski.

Of course, the matter is worsened when he leads the team to a 10 point lead only to have the defense cough it up. He is unable to finish a winning drive.

So when will this "slump" be over?

Actually, this would be an ideal week go gain some traction and some confidence. The Minnesota Vikings are struggling and could be the slump buster Kolb needs.

Minnesota has a great pass rush, especially in Jared Allen, who has 6.5 sacks in four games. But beyond the pass rush the defense is weak in the linebacking corp and the secondary. Additionally, Minnesota's top corner Antoine Winfield will not be playing because of a neck injury. 

This would be the ideal time to complete some passes down the field and gain some confidence. Of course, the the pass rush in and of itself will cause some issues and may simply make it easy for Kolb to continue fleeing the pocket. I imagine that there will be some sacks, considering the level that it provides. 

So we are presented with two conflicting features of the Vikings defense. They have a strong rush which apparently flusters Kolb. But they don't really have much after that. We could see another big game like we saw against the Carolina Panthers.

So what do you all think? Can we expect a sort of breakthrough against the depleted Minnesota secondary? I think it will happen, especially if Beanie Wells can soften up the defensive front with some strong running again. Or will Jared Allen and company lead to more sacks, pressures and escapes?