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Two Arizona Cardinals Defenders Recognized For Play Against New York Giants

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While Joey Porter ended up on a list of players who really did not have a very good game, there were a couple of Arizona Cardinals players that did. Pro Football Focus recognized them, putting them on their All-PFF team for Week 4. 

Who were the Cardinals recognized?

First was Darnell Dockett, with a game grade of +6.6. He had four pressures against the Giants and was a force the entire game. 

He is really having a dominant year, and he is doing it with a different role. He is being asked to drop in coverage, engage blockers and take up space. It is clear that last year his performance was hampered a bit by his injured shoulder. 

The other player on the list was Paris Lenon, although it was more than anything else because no other player at his position stood out. His game grade was a +2.8. He had six tackles, one for a loss. 

Lenon is a guy who has far exceeded expectations since his signing. He played well last year and has been even better this year. In a group of aging linebackers, Lenon has not seen a decline.