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Cardinals/Vikings Fantasy Sleeper

Tyler wrote yesterday about the players that we all should be on the lookout for in fantasy football. His post has some solid advice. Today, we have one additional fantasy sleeper, as the Cardinals' injury reports provides a little clarity.

Tight end Todd Heap is questionable for the game on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings and missed practice on Friday. At least for now, it looks unlikely he will play. This means that rookie Robert Housler will probably get a lot of looks. 

As we saw in the preseason, Housler can make some plays on the field. 

Considering he is number three on the depth chart, it is likely that he is simply available in your fantasy league. 

If Heap in fact does not play of Sunday, Housler will get several snaps. When the Cardinals spread out four wide, Heap is usually in on those formations. Housler will probably be in on those plays. 

Minnesota also can be vulnerable with tight ends. These factors make Housler a really easy, cheap pick up in your fantasy league. This is why he is our Cards/Vikings fantasy sleeper.