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No Surprise! Kevin Kolb Under Pressure A Lot, But Among Best When Under Pressure

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A season ago, the quarterback situation for the Arizona Cardinals was about as bad as it could possibly have been. Between Derek Anderson, Max Hall, John Skelton and Rich Bartel, they did not do well and they were pressured a lot. This season, with Kevin Kolb, the situation is improved, although there is still a lot of pressure being allowed. The difference this year is that Kolb happens to be one of the more effective players under pressure, despite being under pressure a lot.

Pro Football Focus out together some stats about pressure and according to their numbers, Kevin Kolb is one of the most pressured quarterbacks in the league. After four games and at just over 40 percent, Kolb is the fifth most pressured quarterback in the league. He has dropped back 146 times and been pressured in 59 of those dropbacks. 

With the play of the offensive line, this is not to be expected, in addition to Kolb's habit for holding on to the ball and extending plays. But these stats are focusing on the quarterback's ability to be effective.

When under pressure, Kolb is pretty accurate. He has a 62 percent accuracy rate, which is ninth overall. 

He has thrown four of his five TD passes under pressure and has been picked off twice while under pressure. 

Who was the most effective and accurate QB under pressure? That would be Eli Manning who has a 71 percent accuracy rate under pressure. 

Say what you will about Kolb, he is not having a bad season. He plays behind a line that gives up pressure and he himself is the cause of some of the pressure, but as we have seen so far, he also is a guy who can make big plays despite the pressure. 

Against the Vikings and their prolific pass rush led by Jared Allen, we can likely expect to see Kolb working his craft while being pursued as is normally the case.