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Madden Simulations, Week Five: Arizona Cardinals At Minnesota Vikings

Time to take a look at the latest Madden 12 sim, this one playing out the week five matchup between the Cardinals and the Vikings.

Again, I am using 15 minute quarters, the rosters are the most recent ones, and the game is played through the Super Sim mode.

Game Summary:

This game was pretty much a story of two quarters, because all of the scoring was done in the second and fourth quarter.

The Vikings were the first team to get on the board in that second quarter with a nine yard run from Adrian Peterson, then the Cardinals answered with a five yard pass from Kevin Kolb to Larry Fitzgerald. The Vikings closed out the half with an 18 yard kick by Ryan Longwell.

And now we move on to the fourth quarter because nothing happened in the third. Adrian Peterson scored again on a 14 yard run giving the Vikings a 17-7 lead. The Cardinals answered with a 40 yard kick by Jay Feely to make it a one score game. But the Vikings were able to put the game away with another rushing score by Peterson, this one from 13 yards out.

In the end, the Vikings won by a score of 24-10. The Madden Cardinals after a 3-0 start have now lost two in a row dropping their record to 3-2.

Box Score:

Teams Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Cardinals 0 7 0 3 10
Vikings 0 10 0 14 24


Notable Stats:


Kevin Kolb - 15 of 28 for 211, TD, Int

Donovan McNabb - 14 of 27 for 153


Beanie Wells - 20 for 84

Adrian Peterson - 29 for 199, 3 TD

Kevin Kolb - 10 for 34 (????)


Larry Fitzgerald - 4 for 57, TD

Andre Roberts - 7 for 92

Michael Jenkins - 8 for 99

Dropped Passes - Stephen Williams


Sacks - None

Int - E.J. Henderson


Jay Feely - 1 of 3

Ryan Longwell - 1 of 1

Total Offense:

Cards -329

Giants -356

3rd/4th Down:

Cards - 5 of 13, 0 for 1

Giants - 7 of 14