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5 things to watch for in the Arizona Cardinals vs. Minnesota Vikings game

The last three weeks have been really bad, practically forcing this game to be a must-win.  The Cardinals are 1-3, which, even in the NFC West, is a tough setback.  With next week's game vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Cardinals have to take advantage of this matchup against the Vikings.

So keep an eye on these 5 things.

1) The Playcalling

After last week's game vs. the Giants, a lot of fans (Including me) were angry about the playcalling.  Many even blamed the entire loss on the Coaching Staff.  How will the Coaching Staff respond to this criticism?

2) Beanie Wells

RB Beanie Wells leads the league in TD's, and last week against the Giants, scored all of the Cards TD's in the game.  If the Cards hope to win, they'll need Beanie Wells to dominate.  Can he continue his streak?

3) Kevin Kolb and the Offense's 4th Quarter performance

Last week, the game ended on a failed 4th Down pass.  Many fans are getting tired of watching close games that end up as losses.  If the game comes down to a final drive, will Kolb and the Offense be able to pull off something they've failed to do so the last three weeks?

4) Larry Fitzgerald

Fitz could be in for a big day.  The loss last week could potentially push him towards a big day.  Many experts are also predicting a strong performance from him.  Not catching a touchdown against the Giants could also push him to play extra hard.  Will he be able to have more success against the Vikings Defense?

5) Adrian Peterson vs. the Defense

The Cardinals Defense has had some luck stopping opposing RB's this year, but Adrian Peterson is a whole different RB.  The Vikings will surely be falling behind "All Day" to lead the way to a victory.  Will the Defense be able to stop the VIkings Pro Bowl RB (Who we all know could've been a Cardinal)?