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Arizona Cardinals Game Ball Week 8

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Another week, another loss for the Arizona Cardinals, and still we have a game ball to give. This time, the Cardinals' performance against the Baltimore Ravens was not completely dreadful. There were some bright spots. Hit the jump to see whom the writers here selected to give the week's game ball.

Jess Root:

I wavered for a couple of days. Beanie Wells grew up for the fans, playing, playing well and playing a lot with a knee injury that he says may linger the entire season. 22 carries, 83 yards and showing the toughness that many doubted he had earns him the game ball.


Patrick Peterson for tying the Cardinals punt return record in a season and for overall play.

Tyler Nickel:

Patrick Peterson gets my game ball this week. He recorded his second punt return touchdown of the season and was the most consistent coverage corner throughout the day. He did rack up a couple of penalties, but it seems like every time we watch him take the field, we see some form of improvement.


Beanie Wells for proving his toughness and playing through the knee injury and being productive even though it was clear he wasn't running as explosively as he was before the injury.

Mario Ortiz:

Patrick Peterson. Great defense today minus the pass interference which really wasn't. His pass coverage is greatly improving.


Beanie Wells -- For being productive with an injury, even against a dominant run defense. Beanie is really turning a corner in his career.


I was impressed by Patrick Peterson's punt return for a TD, but...I told my buddy over wings at the Native New Yorker that Beanie Wells needed to play this game or it was time for the Cards to find a replacement. 22 carries, 83 YDS, 1 TD. On a bad wheel. Against a tough defense. With the FB injured early in the game. Beanie Wells ran hard, and deserves the game ball.


Patrick Peterson for his great coverage and the punt return for a TD. Beanie Wells, Sam Acho, and O'Brien Schofield get honorable mention.