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Arizona Cardinals Injury Update: Kevin Kolb's Toe, Beanie Wells' Knee, Rookies Ailing

The old addage "adding insult to injury" sort of applies to the Arizona Cardinals after their 30-27 loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. In their case, it is injury being added to insult. They choked away a 21-point lead to the Ravens (insult) and in the process got a little bit more banged up (injury) as Beanie Wells, Kevin Kolb and a couple of the rookies have injuries that will affect the game plan against the St. Louis Rams this coming Sunday.

Beanie Wells did not have a new injury added to the list, but did indicate some news that will likely dishearten a few fans.

After carrying the ball 22 times for 83 yards, he revealed that the knee injury he suffered in the loss to Pittsburgh Steelers will likely bother him the rest of the season. Whether that means he will need offseason surgery has not been revealed, but what it does do is require the other running backs on the roster to step up. Beanie has been pretty much the sole source of rushing offense. The team will need a real contribution from the other three backs -- Alfonso Smith, LaRod Stephens-Howling and even Chester Taylor -- in their effectiveness at running the football. 

We learned after the game that Kolb has turf toe and suffered it early in the game. "Just day by day...Right now just try and get the swelling out and the pain a little bit. As the week goes on get more and more movement and see what my body allows me to do," Kolb said Monday.

So, for you John Skelton fans, you just may get your wish.

The other two notable injuries are to fullback Anthony Sherman and tight end Robert Housler. Both left the game on Sunday, Sherman because of an ankle and Housler because of a groin. Also, it appears that Housler was involved in a car accident. 

Someone hit my car today...with their car...whilst I was in it.
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If he has to miss the game against the Rams, Todd Heap's imminent return will be very timely. Heap almost could have played against the Ravens. The tight end position was expected to be one of the deepest positions on the team, as they chose to keep four on the roster, but that depth has been challenged all season. Jim Dray only recently began to play this season, Heap has been out because of a hamstring and now Housler. 

This is even compounded by Sherman's injured ankle. He is in a walking boot now. He is the only fullback on the roster. 

What happens if both Housler and Sherman cannot play on Sunday? It will be interesting to think about. The Cardinals could bring back Reagan Maui'a temporarily like they did with Ben Graham when punter Dave Zastudil was out with a sore knee. They could also use their tight ends as fullbacks, particularly Jeff King, who is the best blocker of the group. 

I would expect that to be the case, provided that there will be three healthy tight ends. If one gets hurt more, the team would be looking at D'Anthony Baptiste likely lining up at tight end, as he did a couple of times against the Steelers. 

The team is off on Tuesday, so we will know more after Wednesday's practice. Stay tuned...