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Arizona Cardinals Players Weigh In On Penn State Scandal

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Over the past few days, the one ports story that has dominated everything has been what has been going on with Penn State with the things that Jerry Sandusky is accused of, the firing of Joe Paterno and everything else. Since almost everyone has had an opinion on the subject, it is completely understandable that the players on the Cardinals would have opinions. 

Not all of them were the same. 

OT Levi Brown attended Penn State and played under Paterno. He has two degrees from the university. Kent Somers wrote what Brown had to say about the situation there at his alma mater.

"All I know is what I've heard on TV. I really just want whoever is involved in this situation to get the full punishment they're supposed to get under the law. That's what needs to happen."

Asked if that included school officials and coaches, Brown replied: "Whoever is involved. If you knew and you didn't do what you were supposed to do, seriously, there are kids involved. I'm trying to have kids myself. Just think about all the parents who had so much faith in the university and what it stood for. It's just a big letdown."

He did not mince words and appears to have no problem with Paterno being let go. 

Kicker Jay Feely, thanks to the Cardinals victory on Sunday, is active on Twitter again and has been vocal about the subject for a while. His timeline is full of comments on the subject. However, one tweet sums up his thoughts:

So true Sid RT @sidrosenberg If you're angry over the Paterno dismissal there's a very good chance that you're a complete asshole.
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Young cornerback A.J. Jefferson has a different opinion.

Sad to see JoePa go out like that. Why fire the guy? Let him finish his season. Smh. He old.
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However, things changed after Feely versed him in the history of the situation. He later tweeted that he thinks that everyone in the program should be fired. 

Darnell Dockett also chimed in:

Penn states should be on probation till 3069 that could have been my son who just wanted to go to football camp that f**ked up.
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I don't feel sorry 4 joe paterno old ass, f*ck him! You allow that sh*t 2 happen to kids better be glad it wasn't my son! PERIOD! #MANONFIRE
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I don't know where you stand on the whole thing. It is just sickening. It isn't really related to the Cardinals, but with as much as what was being said, the players here are even talking about it.