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Cardinals Vs. Eagles: Q&A With Bleeding Green Nation

As we like to do, we got together with our fellow SB Nation team blogs in preparation for the game on Sunday. JasonB over at Bleeding Green Nation was gracious enough to answer a few questions. So, since the Arizona Cardinals are taking their talents to Philadelphia to face Michael Vick and the Eagles, I asked a few questions that I hope you all had on your minds. 

Hit the jump to read the questions and responses...

How do you explain what has happened with the Eagles, after accruing such talent?

Well that's a big question... Everyone seems to have an opinion on what has happened but really it's hard to pin down one thing. Overall though, the defense has been a major issue. You can look at the stats and see where the problem has been. They're incredibly inconsistent against the run, they're bad on third downs and they fold in the fourth quarter of games.

How are fans taking to Michael Vick's season after signing his huge contract?

People here like Vick. We dealt with all the personal stuff years ago, so right now it's all about his play and pretty much every week he doesn't something that we're pretty sure no one else can do. And I think that for the most part people aren't blaming the Eagles struggles this year on him.

Cardinals fans want to know what the team thinks of DRC and what fans are saying. Has he done any off the wall stuff? Last Halloween, he showed up to meetings as a baby -- diaper and everything. Does he still rock the kiddie backpacks?

No he's very low key. You rarely hear from him. Generally, fans here don't think a whole lot of him because he hasn't been very good. Part of that probably has to do with the lockout and adjusting to a new role, because he has sprinkled some good games in there, but overall his awful tackling and inconsistency has been disappointing. 

What about losing Stew Bradley and the Kevin Kolb trade? What are Philly fans saying?

You don't hear much about Stewart Bradley here and it doesn't seem like you probably here much about him out there given how little he's played. I'm bummed by what has happened to Stew. He is a great guy and was really developing into a nice player, but has never been the same after the knee injury. Frankly, I was surprised at how much Arizona paid him after the way he looked last season.

And as for Kolb... I would say that generally people are happy that the Eagles made the decision they did. The Cardinals gave up a to in terms of value and money and clearly so far it hasn't worked out. Given how DRC has played... Frankly the 2nd round pick the Cards sent seems to be the most valuable thing in the trade so far.
But obviously it's too early to judge. Both of the players involved are trying to learn new systems and adjust with no offseason. They're both young. Obviously the protection for Kolb has been poor. There's time for these guys to improve.

Predictions for Sunday...

I think the Eagles will win fairly handily. If they've shown the ability to do anything this year, it's beat bad teams and the Cardinals obviously qualify as a bad team at this point.

Although I'll make an admission. I am a Fordham alum and I went to school with John Skelton. So it will be weird rooting against him. Secretly I may be hoping he at least looks good but we win anyway.


What do you guys think?