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Cardinals Vs. Eagles Final Injury Report

The Arizona Cardinals have made their trip to Philadelphia for their game on Sunday. But before they left, they had one last practice and we are now able to see the final injury report, giving us a better idea of who might be able to play on Sunday and who will likely be sidelined. 

There was one piece of great news for Cardinals fans, and it is that Beanie Wells is feeling much better now, better than he has in the last almost month. He practiced fully and is listed as probable for the game. We knew he was going to play, but a healthy Beanie will give Arizona at least a chance against the Eagles, who really struggle defending the run. 

Only two players are definitely out for Sunday -- Joey Porter and Kerry Rhodes. That is no surprise, as Rhodes is still recovering from a broken foot and Porter recently had his knee scoped. 

Rob Housler did not practice all week, but is listed as doubtful to play. Don't expect to see him. He will most certainly be inactive. 

The list of players that are "questionable" for the game is longer. QB Kevin Kolb is questionable for Sunday, even though he did not practice all week. When asked if it was questionable to back up Skelton, coach Ken Whisenhunt said he was questionable "to play." Read into it how you like. I don't think anyone expects him to play and I would be surprised if he is even active. The other "questionable" players are Paris Lenon, Anthony Sherman, A.J. Jefferson, Todd Heap and LaRod Stephens-Howling.

Lenon will play. Sherman obviously is not in playing condition yet because the team still has Reagan Maui'a on the roster. Expect him to be inactive. I did not hear anywhere how serious Jefferson's foot injury is, but based on the lack of news, I expect he will play. Both Heap and LSH I imagine will play. Heap being able to play will be another very important offensive factor, especially since the production from receivers other than Larry Fitzgerald is spotty.

Beanie Wells and CB Michael Adams are listed as probable, but both practiced fully. They both will play. 

Hopefully Beanie's feeling good will lead to a spike in production. Last week against the Rams he looked like 2010. Whether it was his knee, the absence of Sherman or a combination of both, it just was not working a week ago. Now Cardinals fans have at least that to rest their hopes on -- the fact that we will not be forced to rely on John Skelton to produce all the offense on Sunday.