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Cardinals Vs. Eagles: 5 Things to Watch For In Week 10

Coming off an exciting win against the St. Louis Rams, excitement for watching the Arizona Cardinals has been renewed.  But today, the Cardinals take on a much more challenging opponent in the Philadelphia Eagles, a.k.a. the "Dream Team".  

Keep an eye on these five things during the game.

1) John Skelton

Assuming John Skelton is playing for the injured Kevin Kolb, if the Cardinals hope to even stay within reach of the Eagles, they'll need at least a decent performance from Skelton.  Look to see how he responds to getting his second straight start in a row, and also a second shot at creating a QB controversy in Arizona.

2) Beanie Wells

Cards RB Beanie Wells largely underachieve against the St. Louis Rams.  The Cardinals will need a big day from him as he continues his break-through season.  How will he react to last week's disappointing performance?

3) Patrick Peterson

Coming off a dominating performance against the Rams, where he even scored the game-winning TD, Peterson will definitely be looking to continue his streak of good games.  Watch to see how he deals with covering the Eagles #1 WR, DeSean Jackson.

4) LeSean McCoy

The Eagles RB, McCoy, is having a fantastic season.  He will definitely be a big part of the Eagles offensive plans.  Don't forget to take note of how the Cards run-defense deals with the dynamic LeSean McCoy.

5) Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

Playing against his former team for the first time, CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie will definitely be looking to show his former team what they're missing.  Will he be able to show his former team up?