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Cardinals Vs. Eagles: 5 Positives From The 21-17 Victory

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Moral victories no more! We are two games into a streak of real victories...actual Ws in the win/loss record. This is a good thing. As we always like to do, we will look at five things that we can take away as positives. The 21-17 victory allows us to do so without fabrications.

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1. "Exorcising demons"

With the 21-17 victory, the Cardinals took care of a few problems. One, they won. Second, they won on the road. They won on the East Coast and they won in an early game travelling across the country. They really have no excuses left. 

2. Game-winning drive

Earlier in the season, the team has had a few opportunities late in the game to either tie or take the lead in a game. In each of the previous tries, they couldn't do it. This time, they did. It turns out that the Eagles' inability to hold a fourth quarter lead is greater that the Cardinals' inability to craft a winning offensive drive.

3. The team defense

The Cardinals allowed only 289 yards of offense to the Eagles, who are as explosive a team as there is. Part of this was the absence of DeSean Jackson, but they avoided big plays. Stats of the day? In their first eight games, the Eagles only punted 20 times. In Sunday's game, the Arizona defense forced eight punts. 

4. Daryl Washington

Washington once again was a beast. He had nine tackles and a sack. His speed kept Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy from running rampant

5. John Skelton

While I do not believe there is any real controversy at quarterback, Skelton did do what he had not done in five previous starts -- lead the offense to the end zone. Before Sunday's game, he had led the offense to four TDs in five games. The offense scored three touchdowns against the Eagles. He was awful at times, he was lucky more than once, but he made big throws at big times. 


What are your positives from the game?