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Arizona Cardinals Game Ball, Week 10

Two weeks, two wins. It is kind of nice to be an Arizona Cardinals fan. This win was not of the cheap sort, either. Yes, the Eagles are a mess, but if there is one thing that is certain, they are dangerous offensively. But the Cardinals did what they needed to and had a great defensive effort to allow the offense to make plays, something the defense has struggled with. 

So without further adieu, our panel of writers will present their game balls to the players of their choice. Hit the jump for more...

Jess Root:

My game ball goes to Larry Fitzgerald. He had great numbers, he scored touchdowns, he set a franchise record for career touchdowns and his superhuman catching abilities basically won the game -- forget what John Skelton did. In the second half, twice he caught balls that were tipped and saved Skelton's bacon. One of them he scored on. He scored two of the team's three TDs and was "that close" to having scored all three. Oh, and do you remember that catch that almost was a touchdown? That one picked up Skelton's slightly overthrown ball. Amazing. Fitz earned it this week.

Mario Ortiz:

Larry Fitz! Hands down.


I can hear it now. John Skelton. Sure Larry Fitzgerald had some sweet catches, but John orchestrated it all.


Larry Fitz hands of Gold!

Runner up: Darryl Washington. Dansby who?

Tyler Nickel:

Daryl Washington gets my game ball for his nine tackles, one sack and the ability to keep Vick contained. One of the best MLBs in the league. (Jess note: and he broke Vick's ribs, which I am sure led to those poorly thrown passes)


Jeez, the whole defense probably deserves a gameball! For an individual performance though, it's gotta go to Mr. Fitzgerald. Way to make your money Fitz!

Joe CB1991:

I'll go with the defense as a whole. First, Ray Horton for crafting a great gameplan and he did a great job calling plays on Defense as well. Second, all of the players for doing a great job executing that gameplan and shutting down Philly's explosive offense. Two very solid games for the defense in a row, hope they can keep it up next week against the Niners.


Ray Horton, for finally showing us what the Steel Curtain of the West can do. (And I was going to go with Fitz, but since everyone's choosing him...)


What about you all? Who would get your game ball and why?