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There Is No Arizona QB Controversy According To Ken Whisenhunt...Yet

In the aftermath of the Arizona Cardinals winning on the road against the Philadelphia Eagles, the biggest topic of conversation is that of the starting quarterback. Who should it be -- Kevin Kolb or John Skelton? Kolb wasn't playing all that well when he got hurt and Skelton played, in the end, pretty well against the Eagles. Naturally, when head coach Ken Whisenhunt held his Monday press conference, we all know that he was going to be asked (and he indeed was asked) about whether or not John Skelton would continue starting since the team has won two in a row, or if Kolb would return to the starting lineup upon being healthy. 

What was his response? "There is really nothing to discuss right now."

One thing we should know about Ken Whisenhunt is that he rarely gives up any real information when he gives interviews. By answering the question in that manner, he married himself to neither guy and is simply holding off on the issue, putting it in his back pocket until he really needs to address it. 

The smart thing about the response is that it makes it so either guy could end up being the starter for the rest of the season. It gives John Skelton more time to show that he can do the job and that he can perform well, maybe without the help of defensive and special teams points. 

It also does not take the job away from Kolb, who really is still new in the system and is still technically the starter. And most football people will say that you shouldn't lose your job because of injury. This is exactly what happened. Now, we all know the Tom Brady story, but how many of those stories actually occur?

Whiz is trying to diffuse the topic and make it a non-issue, except that is a topic that fans are talking about, and gauging the interest here on the blog, it is THE conversation. The thing is, with Kolb status still being injured, it really is a non-issue. It's just that we continue to speculate and hope and argue.

There's nothing wrong with that. But we should expect to do it for a while, until the injury situation is settled. 

So get ready for more of the "hurry up and wait" scenario.