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Arizona Cardinals/Philadelphia Eagles Top Five Defensive Plays

It's been a few days since the Arizona Cardinals headed east and handed the Philadelphia Eagles an L as an early Christmas present. As I noted in a prior article, the offense was serviceable. The defense on the other hand shined. Tasked with stopping the high powered, balanced offense of the Eagles, the D did just that, holding the Eagles to just 289 yards of offense.

Hit the jump below to see the top five defensive plays from the game.

  • Calais Campbell's first career interception. The big man tossed up his hands to bat down the ball at the line of scrimmage and the ball just stuck. (Gotta work on your breakaway speed though Calais.)
  • A.J. Jefferson's interception to close out the game. Sure it was in the final minute of play, but this robbed the Eagles of another play or two, and sealed the Cardinals comeback victory.
  • Paris Lenon's sack on Michael Vick. Any time you can sack the opposing QB it's a good thing. To get a sack on a speedster like Michael Vick is a great thing. This play pushed the Eagles back two yards and eventually set up a three and out.
  • Daryl Washington's sack on Michael Vick. Daryl Washington was all over the field Sunday. This isn't new from any other Sunday though. His speed harried Michael Vick all day. He also recorded a sack that set the Eagles back and then forced a three and out.
  • Adrian Wilson's hit on Jeremy Maclin. Sure it wasn't a pick. Maclin didn't even catch the ball. But the hit set the tone for a physical game. And it's nice to see AW blow someone up.
Those are my top 5 picks from the weekend. What are your thoughts? Did I miss a play? That's all I have until the Cardinals travel west to face the division leading San Francisco 49ers. Until then Card's nation, enjoy the week, savor the W, and I'll catch you on the flip side.