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Team Kolb, Team Skelton, Eye Of The Tiger Take Center Stage In Latest Arizona Birdgang Podcast Episode

With the victory that the Arizona Cardinals had over the Philadelphia Eagles, Joe and Mario on the Arizona Birdgang Podcast had reason to celebrate. For that reason, they bring out "Eye of the Tiger." Their latest episode, named "Fly Cardinals Fly!" is another episode without the gloom and doom. The topic of contention here on ROTB and seemingly among Cardinals fans everywhere is the current "QB controversy" between Kevin Kolb and John Skelton. Joe and Mario take sides, forming Team Kolb and Team Skelton. 

But that is not all...

In the episode, Mario is sick of one of the Arizona Cardinals players and says this guy should be cut. And you migh be surprised at who it is because he is an important guy on the team. 

They both share their answers to the "Roundtable" questions that the writing staff here answers (and you will be able to read our responses Wednesday afternoon/evening).

Joe has a feeling -- a strange feeling that says the Cardinals are going to beat the 49ers on Sunday on the road. Oh, and that guy, Matt Leinart comes up as well. What did they guys have to say about him? 

They also play a few of the voice mails that were left for them after the game. Don't forget that you can call in to the podcast voice mail and leave your thoughts. Call 623-688-2536 and let Joe and Mario know what you are thinking.

Listen to the latest episode of the only Arizona Cardinals podcast around. Use the embedded player below, or if you are on your mobile phone, use the direct link to the episode