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Larry Fitzgerald Earns Is NFC Offensive Player Of The Week For First Time In His Career

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Larry Fitzgerald has accomplished a lot in his career, but in all his achievements, he has never gotten a Player of the Week award. That is, until now. With his performance of seven catches, 146 yards and two TDs, he was recognized as the Week 10 NFC Offensive Player of the Week. It was the second consecutive week that an Arizona Cardinals player was recognized as a player of the week. Patrick Peterson earned the same honor as Fitz, but for special teams, in Week 9.

The consecutive weeks with a Cardinals player getting a player of the week award marks the first time it happened for the Cardinals since 2009, when LaRod Stephens-Howling and Kurt Warner took those honors in special teams and offense. 

Fitzgerald not only earned the award, but reached a milestone. With his second TD catch, he became the franchise leader in total touchdowns, passing Roy Green. All 70 of those scores came through the air. He also, with the TD, became the third youngest player to ever get to 70 TDs for a career. 

It is hard to believe that, after so many seasons, that this is the first time he has gotten in the award. 

Where would you rank his performance last Sunday in his career of great games?