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Week 11 NFL Power Rankings: Win Keeps Arizona Cardinals On Way Up

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Coach Whiz is indignang about this week's Power rankings.
Coach Whiz is indignang about this week's Power rankings.

It is that time again in the week. NFL power rankings are now out for just about every sports site. In fact, even we here at ROTB do our own power rankings. Week 11 rankings have the Cardinals moving on up the charts, some less quickly than others. I guess winning will do that, after all. They are not league juggernauts yet, though. 

As you can imagine Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are atop the rankings, as they seem invincible. Behind them are the evil 49ers, who the Cardinals play this week. 

Where do the Cardinals stand this week?

In the ROTB power rankings, the Cardinals are all the way up to number 22.

ESPN had the Cardinals jumping up six spots, from 29 to 23.

CBS Sports was not as kind. Even after the win, they only move up from 29 to 28 and were incredulous of the team's defensive performance in Philly. 

SB Nation's NFL rankings has the Cardinals at number 25. They moved up three spots, though. The Seahawks are still a slot ahead, though. I guess that makes sense. They beat Arizona and two teams (Ravens, Giants) that beat the Cardinals. 

AZ Central's power rankings also have the Cardinals jumping six spots. They are number 22 and ahead of the Seahawks. Strange. 

Based on what you have seen recently with Arizona, where would you rank them with the other teams in the league? Would you put the Cardinals ahead of the Seahawks or behind them?