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Kevin Kolb Called Out Eagles' Plays To Defense During The Game

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Although Kevin Kolb was still unable to play last weekend in his homecoming to Philadelphia, don't think for a second that he didn't have an impact on the game. In an interview with 94 WIP Sports Radio in Philadelphia, Kolb openly admitted that he was watching the plays that the Eagles were calling and relaying them to the Cardinals defensive players. 

Kolb noted that he was able to tell what some of the plays were because the Eagles did not bother to change any of their signs, allowing him to read what they were going to do for a handful of the plays. More after the jump. 

While watching Michael Vick call the plays, Kolb was able to pick up on some of the old tendencies due to the four years he spent in an Eagles uniform. From there, he said that he would yell them out to the players while they were on the field, all in the hope that they could hear him and take advantage of his insider knowledge. 

"Mike's sitting there giving the signals, and I'm standing there on our sidelines, screaming at our corners, 'Hey it's a go ball, hey he's running a screen, hey he's running a slant.'"

Frankly, I am surprised that the Eagles didn't foresee something like this happening. They had to of known that Kolb would be able to take advantage of this opportunity, as he is not that far removed from their offensive system. Kolb mentioned, however, that things like this happen all the time. He cited that Anquan Boldin did the exact same thing when the Cardinals played the Ravens a few weeks back. 

Kolb did say that he did feel a bit guilty for his actions, especially, "during the two-minute drill," where he was able to diagnose everything the Eagles were trying to run. Kolb did mention that his calls could have had a limited effect due to the crowd noise, though. 

"How much of an effect do I really have? I'm screamin' to one guy, he may hear me, he may not, you know what I mean? Luckily for us, at that point the crowd was pretty dead and some of our guys could maybe hear it." 

Honestly, I like what Kolb did and I don't see it as being a sly move at all. If the team doesn't bother to change up their plays when facing an old teammate, then so be it. It's one thing to game-plan for a team, but when you have a guy that spent an extensive amount of time within the other team's system and can call out the plays as they are happening, your team gets a whole different kind of advantage.

As the radio announcers pointed out, Kolb probably deserved a game ball for his performance in that game.