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NFL 'Expert' Picks Against The Spread, Week 11: Tim Tebow's Broncos Host Rex Ryan And Jets

Week 11 of the 2001 NFL season begins with a Thursday night game that features two of the NFL'smost intriguing personalities. On the one hand you have Rex Ryan, head coach of the New York Jets, who loves to talk up his team and pretty much always has something to say. His personality polarizes almost all fans. You either love him or hate him. On the other hand you have Tim Tebow, who personally is impossible to hate or even dislike. However, the entire nation it seems is torn as to whether he is or ever will be even a decent NFL quarterback. As we do each week, we make our picks for the week against the spread.  We are using the spread on our Yahoo Pick'em group. You can join here (ID: 55411, PW: arizona).     

Week 10 was a 9-7 week, bringing our season record to 67-60 against the spread. Read on to see who we think you should pick.

New York Jets (-6.0) at Denver Broncos: It hardly seems like a recipe for NFL success, but the Denver Broncos are running a read option offense that Tebow is comfortable with running. They surprised the Raiders and beat them, the Chiefs had a week to prepare for it but still lost, and Tebow only attempted eight passes. The Jets defense, though, is built to stop the run. Denver will not find the success they had the past two weeks. However, the Jets do not travel well and after a short week following an embarrassing loss to the Patriots and the loss of LaDanian Tomlinson, the offense will also not be in great shape. Bottom line? The Jets should win, but six points is too much to give. It will be a tight game. Pick: Broncos, +6.0.

Watch for our picks against the spread for the early games and then the last post of picks for the late games and Monday night game. Those are coming Friday afternoon.