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Cardinals Vs. 49ers: What Are Your Favorite And Least Favorite Moments In The Rivalry?

The Arizona Cardinals at 2-6 face off against the 8-1 San Francisco 49ers this Sunday for the first time this season. If history is any indication of what will happen this year, whichever team wins on Sunday will also win the other game they will play. Each of the past five seasons there has been a season sweep. The Cardinals did so in 2006 and 2008 while the Niners returned the favor in 2007, 2009 and 2010. 

As we learned during the offseason, the Niners are the most hated team in the league among Cardinals fans, even when they were struggling, likely in part to the fact that they have had the Cardinals number the past couple of years (as evidenced by the current four-game losing streak the Cards have against the Niners).

There have been some memorable moments in the rivalry. Last season, Darnell Dockett and Vernon Davis had a sort of Twitter trash talking going on. 

There is the hit that Adrian Wilson laid on Davis. Then there is Davis scoring on Wilson. 

For comical reasons, who can forget last year's Monday night debacle that ended in Derek Anderson telling us how seriously he takes this s**t. 

I have my favorite and least favorite moments for the rivalry. 

I love the Derek Anderson thing, but the game was terrible to watch. I think my favorite moment in recent history was when, on Monday Night Football, the Niners lost the game at the goalline when they simply ran out of time. It was a clinic in poor game management. 

My least favorite? I think it would have to be mix of watching Brian Westbrook think it was 2005 and gash the Arizona defense for 120+ yards last season and the game that was lost when Eric Green could not recover or even knock out of the end zone a fumble. The next play was a touchdown, which sealed the game for San Fran.

Now it is your turn. Share your favorite and not so favorite moments between the Cardinals and 49ers. You can even go as far back as Steve Bono's 76-yard touchdown run on a naked bootleg. 

Let's get some good memories, from Cardinals and Niners fans...