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Cardinals Vs. 49ers Prediction Thread

We are a couple of days from kickoff of the game that features our Arizona Cardinals and our most despised rivals, the San Francisco 49ers. This thread is something new. I am sharing this with Niners Nation as well. It is a thread for the sole purpose of the readers to post their predictions for the game and why. Hopefully there, some more discussion will arise.

I'll start after the jump with my own prediction.

I am really buying into the Cardinals' defensive play recently. They are not missing the assignments they used to, leading to big plays. 

Frank Gore will play for the Niners, but he will look much like Beanie Wells in that his explosiveness will suffer a little with his hyperextended knee. 

I expect a defensive battle. John Skelton will not look good, but will be good enough. The defense will avoid giving up big plays. 

At the same time, the Cardinals will struggle to get the ball in the end zone. Jay Feely will come through this week. 

Final score? 16-13 Cardinals.

Now is your turn -- Cardinals fans and Niners fans.