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Darnell Dockett Says Cardinals Facing 'Adversity', But Remains Upbeat

Despite the Cardinals starting their season with a 1-6 record, Darnell Dockett claims that the team still has hope to turn it around. He was interviewed on Monday saying basically that the team still believes and that through all of the adversity that they have faced, the people in that locker room still have faith. 

Hit the jump to see some of what he had to say about the Ravens loss, what he expects to happen when the Rams come to town next weekend and expectations for the rest of the season.

Dockett was asked how a loss like the one to the Ravens feels:

"It hurts, but you learn a lesson from that. The game ain't over till it's over... They made one more play than we did to put themselves in a situation to win (on) the field goal... You gotta find a way to win ball games."

Dockett went on to say that they gave Baltimore everything they had and that it basically just came down to a last second field goal by Bill Cundiff to seal the deal. He also noted that if the team can play with that type of tempo from here on out they, "will win every game."  

"When you lose, you lose, it hurts, I don't care how you lose. When we step on the field we expect to win." 

It's refreshing to hear Dockett not use the excuse of a 'moral victory.' A loss is a loss and even though the Cardinals have only been blown out of one game this season, they don't make excuses for themselves. 

He also expects to beat the Rams this Sunday, saying that if they stop Steven Jackson, they will win the game.

"They're trying to get a win just like we're trying to get a win and right now, both of us are fighting for last place, so somebody's gotta come out of last place," said Dockett. 

Calais Campbell also shared some of the same sentiments as Dockett, thinking that the Cardinals could, "win out," and end up with a record of 10-6. 

Is this likely to happen? Absolutely not. I think at this point, the season is in shambles and I really don't see the Cardinals as a team that can recover from this type of deficit. However, seeing that these guys haven't given up hope is inspiring. They still believe and that should matter to the fans; it shows maturity and character. 

They could end their season much like the Detroit Lions did in 2010, gathering a few wins in a row and using those as fuel going into the next season. Even if that doesn't happen, the team will build cohesion for the remainder of the 2011 season and get the playbooks down pat so that they can come out on fire in 2012. 

I like the energy that still surrounds this team. I have said before that even though the Cardinals have a worse record than they did at this time last year, they seem to be a more upbeat team. In 2010, they had seemingly given up, but this year, they expect better play from themselves and hope that eventually the tides will turn. 

What do you think? Can the Cardinals turn their season around? If not, do you feel that at least they are headed in the right direction mentally? The only team stopping the Cardinals from getting wins is the Cardinals, according to Dockett. "These guys are giving everything they got, and if we are going to go down losing, I would rather it be that way."