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A Rough Day For Arizona Cardinals Practice Squad Player Ricky Lumpkin

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It is hard to find an NFL job. It's hard having an NFL job. It is even a harder life when you are on the practice squad. You are frequent;y the guy that gets let go when there is a roster move. One guy from the active roster is cut and then they bring him back if he is eligible. 

Defensive tackle Ricky Lumpkin was signed as an undrafted rookie this past offseason and was on the Cardinals practice squad. It turns out that between Monday evening and Tuesday afternoon it was a pretty tough day for Lumpkin, as Twitter will reveal.

Not feeling too well :-(
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My stomach going ham
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Today hasn't started off to well :-/
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What is a bummer is that none of that was related to football, as he tweeted me later in the day after I asked. 

For a guy who didn't have a good start to the day, it didn't get much better. Turns out later that he lost his spot on the practice squad. He was cut to make room for Ron Talley, who was cut from the active roster to make room for Reagan Maui'a, who was signed because it looks like rookie Anthony Sherman will be sidelined a bit with an ankle injury he suffered against the Ravens

I imagine he will be back on the practice squad soon, though. Maui'a won't stay the rest of the season, which means that Talley will likely go back to the active roster and then Lumpkin would likely get his spot back on the squad.