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Kevin Kolb Turf Toe Injury Might Sideline Him Against St. Louis Rams

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At the beginning of the ballgame on Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens, starting QB Kevin Kolb injured his ankle. It turned out to be a case on turf toe, which is essentially a badly sprained big toe. Kolb never came out of the game on Sunday, but his play was affected. Kolb stated that it affected how he is able to push off and make throws. 

Kent Somers tweeted on Monday stating that the toe was black and blue. Kolb, on the radio with XTRA910, let it be known that his toe is pretty bad. Regarding practicing, he said "we'll take it day by day," and he also said that, in regards to playing on Sunday against the Rams, "hopefully I will have a shot."

If he is unable to go, it would John Skelton who would get the start. I know there has been some desire to see him get a chance to play. This would be the only reason he would start over Kolb -- an injury keeping him from playing. 

As have other writers, let us establish this -- there is no quarterback controversy, nor will there be. It is simply too realy to pull the plug on Kevin Kolb, considering the history of quarterbacks that have been traded (a great FanPost). 

The job is Kolb's and should be. He needs the reps and Skelton is just not there yet (he was almost beat out for the number two spot by Rich Bartel). 

So while there might be some hope to see Skelton play, it is only because of that toe of Kolb's that it will happen. Right now it is a real possibility that Kolb will miss, so we will have to wait and see.