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Patrick Peterson Punt Return Is Arizona Cardinals Week 8 Power Play

Not even teammate Sean Considine is going to catch him here.
Not even teammate Sean Considine is going to catch him here.

When the Arizona Cardinals played the first half against the Baltimore Ravens, there were several very good plays, as they built a 24-3 lead that would eventually turn into a 30-27 loss. However, there was one play that was the biggest for the Arizona Cardinals. It gave those watching at home a rush and it angered the fans in Baltimore.

This week's power play is Patrick Peterson's 82-yard punt return for a touchdown. 

The two videos show the play, one with the original live play and the second was the replay. 


Brian Billick said Peterson has strength, speed and balance. It is evident in the five tackles he broke. If you recall the touchdown he scored against the Panthers, he broke a pair of tackles then. 

In that case, it looked like the punt coverage thought he was going to make a fair catch and let up a bit. In this case, the punt was just a little beyond the coverage, so he had room to move when he first caught the ball. 

But it is amazing how hard he is to tackle. Five players had their hands on him and he shook them and sped his way to six points. 

It is this sort of play that makes you think that he will be something special once he is as comfortable in pass coverage as he is in the punt return game. 

What do you think? Would you have had a different play as the "power play"?