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Birdgang Podcast: Heartbreak Loss

The Arizona Cardinals broke our hearts with their 30-27 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. What was the worst part was the fact that the Cardinals led by 21 points in the first half and were making Baltimore look silly. But we know how it turned out. After this last week's heartbreaking loss on the road, Mario and Joe discuss where they hope the future of the Arizona Cardinals goes. We answer the Revenge of the Birds round table questions and we listen to some Cardinal's fans voicemails.

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Click this link to listen now! The Arizona Birdgang Podcast is also available on iTunes and the Stitcher Radio app. As always, you can listen from the ROTB home page, just check the side bar for the Birdgang Podcast link. The embedded player is also below. Lots of ways to listen!! Just listen!

If you would like to leave a voicemail to be played on the show, call and leave us a message at 623-688-2536