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Cardinals vs. 49ers: 5 things to watch for in Week 11

Coming off a two-game winnings streak, including a win against the "Dream Team" Philadelphia Eagles, the Cardinals, and their fans, are definitely in high spirits.  

But today, they face their biggest challenge of the season: The division rival San Francisco 49ers.  The 49ers are so far this season, and are looking ahead to the Playoffs.  Cardinals-49ers games are always exciting and competitive, so hit the jump to see the 5 things you should watch for during the game.

1) John Skelton

Assuming John Skelton gets the start, he's perhaps the one player you should watch over anyone.  Going up against an excellent 49ers Defense, this will be his biggest test of the season.  If he fails to put up a good performance, the QB controversy will essentially be over, but if he puts up a show, the controversy will explode unlike anything before.

2) Adrian Wilson

49ers fans definitley remember Wilson for his hard and punishing tackle on RB Frank Gore in last season's matchup between the two teams.  Wilson always seems to bring his best against the 49ers, so watch for him to have a big game.

3) Beanie Wells

The 49ers have one of the league's best run-defenses, and due to injuries, Beanie Wells' has seemed to cool off in the last few weeks after getting off to a great start early in the season.  Look to see if he can break away from the 49ers Defense and have a big game.

4) Alex Smith

The 49ers QB is having the best season of his career, and has been a big factor in his team's sudden rise to the top.  Watch to see how he performs against a suddenly-good Cardinals Defense.

5) Frank Gore

The 49ers will most definitely be leaning on their star RB.  If Gore is allowed to break out, the 49ers will automatically have the upper-had.  Will the Cards Defense be able to contain Gore and the 49ers run-game?