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Arizona Cardinals/San Francisco 49ers Postgame Analysis And Quotes

The Arizona Cardinals headed out West to take on the stingy D of the San Francisco 49ers. A two game win streak was on the line for the birds. And after it was all said and done, the Cards used both John Skelton and Richard Bartel. Neither was overly effective, but then again, the entire offense struggled. Combined with five turnovers on both special teams and offense, and the valiant first half by the defense was for naught.  

Hit the jump to read what the team had to say after today's loss.

Let's start with the head coach. Coach Whisenhunt himself pointed out the flaws on the offensive side of the ball, asking, "How do you win a game with five turnovers in an opposing team's stadium?"

That's an excellent question. Ball security from the run aspect of the offense hasn't been questionable, but Beanie Wells dropped the ball today. Patrick Peterson also lost the ball returning a punt. 

Whisenhunt had this to say about his 2nd year QB. "John played like a rookie today. He's a young football player, and he's going to have his ups and downs."

The QB had this to say about his play, which consisted of 6/19 and 3 interceptions. "It was one of those days."

The offense was quick to share the blame though, with C Lyle Sendlein saying, "It was all of us."

And Larry Fitzgerald who had one touchdown on the day, lamented, "The loss was disheartening after two straight wins."

To add injury to insult, last year first round pick Dan Williams is likely done for the season after breaking his arm. This game was never close, as San Fran's D stifled the group all day. Looking forward, the Cardinals head out to St. Louis to visit the Rams. After today, the offense has a lot to fix. 

And based upon that, one final quote from the head coach. "If we can get our offense to play at the level of our defense, we will be OK."

See everyone next week Sunday for the Rams. And Happy Thanksgiving!