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Arizona Cardinals Week 11 Gameball: Does Anybody Deserve It?

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After a thorough 23-7 beatdown by the San Francisco 49ers, it is hard to look at who on the Arizona Cardinals should get rewarded with a game ball. John Skelton looked worse than he ever has and the offense was on the field under 16 minutes of the game. The defense, while keeping the Niners out of the end zone in the first half, they did give up some big plays. 

Nonetheless, we will give our ROTB game balls as a writing staff. Hit the jump to see the recipients. Please feel free to give a game ball of your own in the comments and explain why.

Jess Root:

While I considered Larry Fitzgerald for obvious reasons and Stewart Bradley because of some huge hits, I am going a different direction. My game ball goes to the player that actually got a real game ball -- Rich Bartel. In a game where there was little to be happy about, he hit Fitz for his first career TD pass. That had to have been a cool feeling. 

Tyler Nickel:

Early Doucet gets my game ball. Yes, he had a couple of drops, but he still had 6 catches for 50 yards and he managed to get in a fight with 49er DaShon Goldson. That alone makes him a winner in my book.


Calais Campbell for continuing to be a beast, and all of us on the gamethread who somehow managed to sit through that pile of flaming garbage.


I could go Calais Campbell. He blocked a FG. There isn't much else to really say. Calais Campbell it is.

Mario Ortiz:

Honestly, no one deserves it. I watched the game in person and it was horrible. San Fran is cool.... Bout it. (A few minutes later) The defense was playing ok at times.... The problem is they never left the field because our offense is horrible.


Larry Fitzgerald for the TD catch, and the fans for putting up with this pathetic excuse for an offense.


This game was awful to watch. Our offense was terrible throughout, so no gameballs for anyone on that side of the ball this week. I'll go with Stewart Bradley for this week. He had a couple of huge hits and was on the field a lot, a good sign for our big FA aquisition. If nothing else, he rewarded the fans who stuck around to watch that mess.