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Arizona Cardinals Week 11 Bonehead Play

This week, like many before it, I can not award the Bonehead Play to a single play such as an interception or a fumble. It will have to go to a body of work presented by one player, most of you already know who it is. The Week 11 Bonehead Play(er) is simply John Skelton.

In a performance that reminded many of the Cardinals loyal fan base of a color blind Derek Anderson, John Skelton receives the award for not being able to perform under pressure and put the ball into the hands of the Cardinals players. His play can only be blamed on inexperience and poor accuracy. The Offensive line will have the week off from blame because they played up to the skill level of the opponent, which is a rare sight for the Arizona Offensive line.  Usually whenever there is bad QB play there will be many different voices from the fan base pointing the finger at the protection or lack of experience in the system for the QB. This week, John Skelton seemed to play with blinders on and only lock onto his primary route in the play, regardless of what the defense was showing him. His passes were inaccurate even when he had time, and after an outstanding performance from the defense to keep the game close, Skelton was unable to get the offense into gear and score any points. He showed that even though he has the moxie to win games in the 4th Quarter he doesn't have the experience to simply read a defense and take what they give you. He's the QB, he's responsible for putting the ball into a players hands who can make a play. Unfortunately in week 11, those players were wearing Red and Gold.