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NFL Power Rankings, Week 12: Arizona Cardinals Fall Back Again

Two straight wins for the Arizona Cardinals and they were finding their way up everyone's power rankings. Now, don't go and think that they were climbing up into the upper half, but they were climbing. Last week's rankings across different sites had them anywhere between number 22 and number 28 -- a marked improvement. 

This week's rankings start out with our own ROTB Power Rankings and have the Cards dropping from 22 to 25. 

ESPN had the Cards at number 23 a week ago. This week they are number 27, with this blurb from Mike Sando:

Kevin Kolb has greater appeal to the Cardinals after John Skelton's 6-for-19 game against the 49ers.

SB put the Cardinals back at number 28, falling from their previous spot of 25. Their comment? "Nothing to see here."

CBS Sports was the harshest last week, as they still had them at number 28 despite two straight wins. This week they rank the Cardinals 30th. They are ranked ahead of only the Colts and the Rams. The comment this about the Cards:

So much for the John Skelton-should-start talk. The Cardinals are finding out more about Kevin Kolb the rest of the way.

I personally would keep them in the 25ish range, as they are better than the Jaguars and the Vikings...especially now that Adrian Peterson is hurt. 

ROTB members, what say you? Would you rank them higher or lower? What rank would you give them? Comment below...