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ROTB Roundtable: QB controversy, Linebackers, and Beanie Wells

I think it's safe to say that losing to the 49ers is a Top 10 Worst things that can happen to you.  But because of this loss, many questions have sprung up about the Cardinals, some good, some bad.

The ROTB Writing Staff attempted to answer three of those questions.  Here are the questions, their answers (And don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comment section).

1) After John Skelton's performance on Sunday, the QB controversy is essentially over.  Do you think Kolb should start, or should the Coaches hold him back another week to make sure he's 100% healthy?

JoeCB1991: The QB controversy if over after that Anderson-esque performance on Sunday, and it looks like most of us believe that on ROTB.  If Kolb is healthy enough at this point to get out there, I think he should play.

Jess Root: Kolb should start once he is healthy. 100 percent healthy? Depends. Will being less that set back his play or put him at risk for further injury? If not, let him go for it. What he needs are the reps. 

Tyler Nickel: I would wait until Kolb is 100% healthy and ready to play.  Skelton did play poorly, but if Kolb is still unable to go, then you continue to play his backup.

Khodder: As I said last week, there is no point throwing Kevin Kolb into a game if he is not 100% healthy, playing injured and compensating for parts of your body that are not performing to their peak is a great way to develop bad habits. The fact that the season is over for the Cardinals should only lead to more caution over bringing back the QB we just paid $63M to before he is ready to come back and perform at his peak.

Stick with Skelton until Kolb can go in full for a week of practice and onto the field on Sunday.

2) Against the 49ers, LB Stewart Bradeley outperformed his counterpart.  Should he be thrust into the starting role?

JoeCB1991: At some point, yeah I think Bradley should become the starter next to Washington.  It looks like he is getting a better grasp of the defense now, and I do think that he will become the starter next season.  Right now, he should at least get more time on the field.

Jess Root: Paris Lenon is a team captain and is one of the more respected members of the team. I think this and Lenon's play is probably an even larger factor as to why Bradley is not playing. Lenon has 62 tackles and two sacks. Bradley needs to be on the field, and he probably will next year. Right now he is also getting reps at DE and OLB. I haven't given up on Stew. 

Tyler Nickel: Bradley has struggled up to this point and a couple of good special teams plays don't win you a starting role, but yes, if the coaches feel he's ready then they should start him.  From what I have seen, I still think Lenon is the better option, but I could be wrong.

3) After starting the season so well, what is happening to Beanie Wells?

JoeCB1991: He hurt his knee, and he looked less explosive because of it.  With John Skelton playing the last couple of games it looks like the defenses are trying harder to stop the run as well because they don't fear his ability to throw the ball as much as they seemed to with Kolb.  Right now, it does look like Beanie is getting healthy again, and we could see a bounce back game from him against the Rams.

Jess Root: It looks simply like a case of his knee not being 100 percent and being the focus of defenses with Skelton under center. He has to limit his reps, as Whisenhunt noted in a press conference, so he can't go too many plays in a row. That goes for practices and games. Recently, his running has been more explosive, but he can't be on the field as often. 

Tyler Nickel: Having a lack of depth behind Beanie has really hurt him.  He has had to carry the ball almost by himself for the Cards.  Also, that knee injury just keeps popping up.  I think that has really limited his success this season. 

Khodder: The knee injury. Wells should not be playing right now, but the team is still fighting for wins and we are not going to be doing that with Taylor and Smith getting the majority of the carries at RB. Look at Wells early in the season compared to Wells now, he does not have the explosion he did nor does he have the ability to make the cuts he did early in the year which took the outside carries now going for no gain or a loss for a 6-10+ yard gain.

The interior offensive line has also fallen off. Daryn Colledge has struggled the past couple of weeks as has Lyle Sendlein. The left hand side of our line was a huge weapon running the football early, but is not playing the same high quality football now.

Don't forget to answer the questions in the comments below!