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Week 12 NFL Picks Against The Spread: Matt Leinart Getting Start In Early Games

Our expert picks against the spread went 2-1 on Thanksgiving. Continuing with the Sunday morning games for Week 12, there are a couple of divisional games -- Jets/Bills and Cardinals/Rams -- and a couple of games with new starting quarterbacks due to injuries. Matt Leinart and Caleb Hanie are being given the keys to their potential playoff teams. 

Hit the jump for our picks.

Minnesota Vikings at Atlanta Falcons (-9.5): Atlanta gets to play at home while the Vikings give it a go without Adrian Peterson, but rather with Toby Gearhart. Minnesota already has a hard time moving the ball. While Gearhart might have some promoise, no one will mistake him with Peterson, who is a player that can carry a team. Pick: Falcons, -9.5.

Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals (-7.0): Cincinnati was able to cover a week ago against the division foe Baltimore Ravens. Cleveland is rated number one in the league against the pass and the Bengals are rated number three against the run. Since the Bengals have a better running game than the Browns do passing the ball and are playing at home, a touchdown is not too much to give up. Pick: Bengals, -7.0.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Tennessee Titans (-3.0): Tampa Bay is giving up 133 yards a game. Sounds like a game that Chris Johnson can produce something. It might be rookie Jake Locker getting the start for the Titans, but he played well late last week. Pick: Titans, -3.0.

Carolina Panthers at Indianapolis Colts (+3.5): Can anyone pick the Colts at this point? They are the clear favorites to win Andrew Luck in next year's draft. Winning would just screw that up. The Colts give up a lot of passing yards. Cam Newton likes to throw for a lot of yards. Pick: Panthers -3.5.

Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams (no line): It looks like Kevin Kolb might be back in the starting lineup for the Cardinals. The Rams defense is not very good, allowing 215 yards a game passing and 148 yards a game on the ground. Beanie Wells is healthier than he was in Arizona when the two teams played. Plus, Arizona's offense has moved the ball better with Kolb under center more consistently than it did with Skelton. Pick: Cardinals. 

Buffalo Bills at New York Jets, (-9.0): Buffalo has been reeling since Ryan Fitzpatrick signed his new contract. The Jets are struggling. Buffalo's Fred Jackson is done for the season. While the Jets have b=played much better at home and the Bills struggle on the road, nine points is just too much to give up. Pick: Bills, +9.0.

Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars (+3.5): This will be Matt Leinart's first start since 2009, when he was beaten by Vince Young and the Titans on a last second touchdown. It is finally his chance to show that he can play in the league. With Houston's running attack featuring both Arian Foster and Ben Tate and with Andre Johnson looking healthy again, Leinart doesn't have to do much -- just not screw up. Jacksonville is not going to offer a ton of resistance. Pick: Texans, -3.5.