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Week 12 NFL Picks Against The Spread: Broncos Hoping For More Tim Tebow Heroics

The late games for Week 12 only have on divisional game -- the San Diego Chargers facing Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos. Experts picking against the spread are going to have fun trying factor in the backup quarterback effect. Caleb Hanie will be giving it a go for the Bears, while Kyle Orton is new for the Chiefs, but it will still likely be Tyler Palko getting the start -- especially since Orton has threatened not to report. 

Hit the jump to see our late games picks.

Chicago Bears at Oakland Raiders (-4.5): The Caleb Hanie project begins as the Bears begin the rest of the season without Jay Cutler. Luckily, the Chicago defense is ready to step up. They are going to step up and, at least for a week, Caleb Hanie should be able to look okay. The Bears rely on turnovers and they potentially can get them from Carson Palmer. The Raiders are still without Darren McFadden. Pick: Bears +4.5.

Washington Redskins at Seattle Seahawks (-3.5): If there is one team you cannot trust, it is the Washington Redskins. The Dolphins had yet to cover at home and the 'Skins fixed that. Seattle is odd. It can beat the Ravens, but lose to anyone. I like them here more because of home-field advantage. Pick: Seahawks -3.5.

New England Patriots at Philadelphia Eagles (no line): Not sure why there is no line on the Yahoo Pick'em site. But with Vince Young starting and the Patriots being a superior team, despite defensive weaknesses, you have tto go with Tom Brady over Young. Pick: Patriots.

Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers (-6.0): On paper, no one should pick the Chargers. However, the Denver defense is suddenly playing very well and Tim Tebow is, well, Tim Tebow. He just wins games somehow after looking terrible for most of the game. We're done with picking against him. Pick: Broncos, +6.0.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs (+10.5): Hmmm...the 7-3 Steelers led by Ben Roethlisberger and their strong defense going against the Chiefs, who will be starting Tyler Palko, who could not even make the Arizona Cardinals as a third string QB in 2010. Is anyone going to take the points? We won't. Pick: Steelers -10.5.

New York Giants at New Orleans Saints (-7.0): The Giants, at 6-4, have an impressive victory over the Patriots, but have also lost to the Seahawks and were awful lucky to have beaten the Cardinals. New Orleans at home on Monday night is pretty much a lock. Pick: Saints, -7.0.