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NFC West Roundup: 49ers 1st Winning Season In 9 Yrs, Tarvaris Jackson Not Terrible, New Leadership Coming For Rams?

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Heading into the weekend of Week 12, the San Francisco 49ers have already lost. We know they are still good, though. The st. Louis Rams prepare for the Cardinals on Sunday and the Seattle Seahawks continue to be a confusing team, as they are close to a .500 record. 

As always to start your Saturday, continue reading to get a rundown of the news around the NFC West.

St. Louis Rams:


Rams Owner Stan Kroenke Likely To Hire A New General Manager And Head Coach - Turf Show Times
St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke has already started looking for a new general manager and head coach, according to reports. What changes will the owner make to salvage a losing franchise?


James Laurinaitis Injury: Rams LB Sits Out Wednesday Practice - Turf Show Times
James Laurinaitis missed practice today. Will the St. Louis Rams have their top defensive player this week?


St. Louis Rams Changing The Offensive Line Again? - Turf Show Times
The St. Louis Rams are desperate and ready to try some new combinations for their wounded offensive line. Will shuffling the players work?


Mark Clayton Injury: Rams Receiver Done For The Season - Turf Show Times
The St. Louis Rams conducted a bit of business on Thanksgiving Day today. Wide receiver Mark Clayton was placed on the injured reserve list, a list stuffed with starters with six games left to play. Clayton's knee just didn't prove to be healthy after a nasty torn patellar tendon suffered against Detroit in week 5 last season.

Where Do We Go From Here? Stan Kroenke, Billy Devaney, Steve Spagnuolo And The Near Future Of The Rams - Turf Show Times

St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke has some big decisions to make about the future of his NFL franchise. Will he make the right moves? 

Seattle Seahawks:


Can the Seahawks Seize the Opportunity of Three In a Row at Home? - Field Gulls
The Seahawks come home with a unique opportunity to completely turn the season around. How much can the home crowd help? What will we learn about this team?


Formation Nation: Seattle Seahawks Week 11 Notes on Personnel Packages & Player Snaps - Field Gulls
Here at Field Gulls we log every Seahawks' snap. Read about some trends and notable groupings from Sunday's win against the Rams.

Red Bryant, Alan Branch and Seahawks' Defensive Linemen in Coverage - Field Gulls

Red Bryant made one of the top defensive plays of the season for the team against St. Louis, when he intercepted a twice-tipped pass after dropping back into zone coverage. While this is the first big-time play we've seen as a result of this schematic wrinkle, dropping the defensive tackle is something the Seahawks have done with regularity this year. Now, 'regularity' can mean a lot of things, but here I use it to mean at most a handful of times a game and it's something they've broken out a little bit each week.  It doesn't always work, but it can be effective. 

The Seahawks & The Risk of Not Taking Risks - Field Gulls

You can only sit on the quarterback position for so long. Not taking risks leads to good results at first glance, but it's no way to build a franchise.

San Francisco 49ers:


Kyle Williams: Will The 49ers Continue To Increase His Role? - Niners Nation
In last Sunday's game versus the Cardinals, Kyle Williams had what many have dubbed a "breakout game" hauling in five passes for 54 yards and a touchdown. While this was certainly Williams' biggest-game-yet statistically, it's up for debate whether or not it was a true "breakout game".


The 49ers Offensive Line Which, by the Way, Doesn't Suck - Niners Nation
Taking stock of the 49ers offensive line? Don't forget the lockout.


Golden Nuggets: Winning Record For First Time Since 2002? I'll Take It! - Niners Nation
Before yesterday's game between the 49ers and Cardinals, I took to Twitter and said that I fully expected San Francisco get the win - but that it'd be an ugly one. I said that I just felt like the 49ers were going to be a team that wins ugly games, whether the 49ers are favored or underdogs. That's just going to be how it is for San Francisco, and you know what? I'm totally alright with that. Our team is 9-1, guaranteed a winning record, and I'll take that all day, every day. I'm dead tired - so I'm getting right to your links. Enjoy, and go Niners!


49ers vs. Ravens: 52 Reasons to Watch - Niners Nation
The 49ers and Ravens face off tomorrow night in what I can only compare to a heavyweight title fight where players will be exchanging blows for 60 minutes. It will be force against force; a battle of wills backed by strategic emphasis.  There has been discussion about the similarities between the two teams since the schedule has been released, especially in relation to the head coaches. 


49ers Vs. Ravens: Rush Defense Is A Highlight - Niners Nation
One of the few highlights of the 49ers 16-6 loss last night was another strong effort from the rush defense. It's a good/bad thing for the defense given the struggles in the passing game, but the effort is noteworthy nonetheless.


49ers Vs. Ravens Recap: Excuses, Excuses, Excuses - Niners Nation
The San Francisco 49ers went into Baltimore last night and took a bit a thumping as the offense struggled to get much of anything going for sixty minutes. The defense made some strong stands, but also saw the Ravens offense take advantage of their conservative approach. The Ravens did not put up a huge point total or a ton of yards, but they were able to do enough to get the victory.


49ers Vs. Cardinals: Ray Rice And The Streaks - Niners Nation
We take a look at Ray Rice and whether he can surpass 100 yards or grab a rushing touchdown this week.


2011 49ers Season: Statistical Anatomy of a Turnaround - Niners Nation
Each Thanksgiving, millions of people travel home to celebrate with their family. It's only fitting then that I cyber-travel from Football Outsiders back to my internet home, Niners Nation, to celebrate the 9-1 San Francisco 49ers with my extended football blogging family. No doubt, there's a lot to celebrate about this team, not the least of which is that, for the first time since the pre-NN days, they're actually a relevant NFL squad in late November.