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Many Players Had Bad Game Against 49ers Last Week

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Yes...we are just a day before the game between at the Arizona Cardinals and the St. Louis Rams. However, we can still bring up last week's loss to the San Francisco 49ers. As Pro Football Focus does, they recognize the players who received the highest and lowest grades at their positions for the week. There was not a single Arizona Cardinals player that made the good list. Unfortunately, there were five players on the team that received the lowest grades at their position. 

Who were they?

QB John Skelton had an in-game grade of -7.9. It happens to have been the lowest grade by a quarterback ever. "If the plan was to use Skelton to make Kevin Kolb look better, consider it a success."

Beanie Wells was a -3.8. They noted his inconsistencies, as he fumbled once and dropped a pass. They also noted how special he can be sometimes. 

OLB Sam Acho was -2.3, as he did not cause even one pressure. PFF wonders if it is something in the water that does that to OLBs here. 

LB Paris Lenon was on the list at -0.1, and he only made it because no one was worse. 

CB Patrick Peterson was rated a -6.6, as he gave up 139 yards in coverage. 

We know that Skelton struggled and that Peterson was picked on all game. While Acho did not produce any pressure, it was an issue for the entire defensive front. As for Beanie, his fumble and drop were bad. I can;t argue with that. 

What do you think? Do these guys deserve to be on the list? What you should note is that there was not a single offensive lineman that appeared. This is progress as both Brandon Keith and Levi Brown have been common names.