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Arizona Cardinals/St. Louis Rams Inactive List: Kevin Kolb/Danario Alexander Out

Week twelve finds the Arizona Cardinals heading east to Missouri to face another member of the NFC West, the St. Louis Rams. Before the season started, talk was of these two teams contending for the NFC West title. With a combined five wins between the teams, that talk is no longer prevalent. Rather, the talk is about injuries and players being unable to suit up. Both teams have their fare share of the walking wounded. Kevin Kolb managed some practice this week. For the Rams, two players went onto the injured reserve list this week, Mark Clayton and Jason Brown

Hit the jump below to see who makes the inactive list for each team today.


Sitting for the Cards this game are:

  • FS Kerry Rhodes - A broken foot has him still watching the game.
  • OLB Joey Porter - The chronic knee.
  • QB Kevin Kolb - The toe man, the toe. 
  • WR Stephen Williams - A numbers game
  • OT D'Anthony Batiste - A numbers game
  • FB Reagan Maui'a - A numbers game
  • TE Rob Housler - A groin injury

The Cards list seems to be pretty standard from week to week. Kevin Kolb almost escaped the bench, but his toe kept him tripped up. Kerry Rhodes is nearing the cusp of return. Joey Porter seems to have fallen victim to father time. TE Rob Housler is still working through the groin injury. On teh plus side, we will have TE Todd Heap and FB Anthony Sherman back, so hopefully they can pull coverage away from Larry Fitzgerald and open up the run game. 

On a side note, Brandon Keith is active, but Jeremy Bridges will get the nod at starting ROT for the Cards today.

Here are the Rams' inactive players:

  • LB Josh Hull
  • DT Justin Bannan
  • WR Danario Alexander
  • OT Mark LeVoir
  • OLB Ben Leber
  • G Bryan Mattison
  • RB Cadillac Williams

Obviously, the Rams are suffering from a nasty bout of the injury bug that has depleted their OL and WR corps. This is a setback for the Rams and second year Sam Bradford who has taken thirty seven sacks this year. Hopefully the front seven of the Cards D line can seize this opportunity and add to the sack count. 

T minus 1 hour 17 minutes to kickoff, are you ready for some football?