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Cardinals Vs. Rams: 5 Negatives From The Win Over St. Louis

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The Arizona Cardinals got another win over the St. Louis Rams. They won their seventh straight in their stadium and completed the season sweep. Patrick Peterson returned another punt for a touchdown and Beanie Wells set a franchise record for rushing yards in a single game. 

However, it was not all good. There were definitely some thing to worry about. Hit the jump to find out what they were. 

1. John Skelton played poorly for the second consecutive week

He finished 12/23 for 114 yards, no TDs and two INT. His QB rating for the game was 26.6, which was the lowest rating by a starting QB in the league this week. He missed receiver left and right (actually high on almost all of them). That followed up a 6-19, 99 yards, zero TD, three INT performance against the 49ers. His QB rating last week  was 10.5. He now has zero TDs and five INTs in his last two starts. 

2. Special teams allowed a touchdown return

Special teams coach Kevin Spencer will now have some good game film to criticize, as the punt coverage team allowed Danny Miller to break through and return a punt for a ouchdown.

3. Patrick Peterson on offense was again a fail

Peterson lined up and took a direct snap, only to fumble it away. He recovered it, but it prompted the reminder that defensive players don't play offense for a reason. 

4. Larry Fitzgerald was a non-factor

This was not because of his own play, but he only had three catches for 55 yards. The blame lies on the quarterback here, but it is certainly going about it the hard way when you win and get almost nothing from Fitzgerald. 

5. Third down efficiency

The Cards were a pathetic 4-12 on  third down. That has to improve.


As always, share your negatives in the comments area.