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Cardinals Vs. Rams: Video Of Beanie Wells' Two Long Runs

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Beanie Wells had a career day on Sunday against the St. Louis Rams. He rushed for 228 yards and a touchdown. His final yardage total was a single game franchise record. He also logged the two longest runs of his career. All of this was while playing with a sore knee.

This season continues to be one in which he is shedding his "soft" label. He has not yet broken free of the "injury-prone" label, but he has shown that he is willing and able to play through pain. What was even more impressive was how he was even able to churn out yards when the Cardinals were trying to run the clock down.

His two long runs were not for touchdowns, which provoked a little bit of postgame ribbing from his coach about finishing runs and showing his speed. His previous long for his career was 39 yards. Against the Rams, he busted a run of 71 yards and then later one of 53 yards. Hit the jump to see the video clips of the runs.

Here is his 71-yarder.

And here is the 53-yarder. This run impressed me most because it was after it looked like (at least to me) that he was going to be out the rest of the year with ligament damage done to his knee. The way he came down on the play when he fumbled reminded me of how Ryan Williams' leg looked when he got hurt in the preseason.