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NFL Power Rankings Week 9: The Arizona Cardinals Are Bad Across The Board

In Week 9 of the 2011 NFL season, as Cardinals fans, we know how the Cardinals have looked this season. It has been bad. In the world of power rankings, even our own Tyler Nickel has the Cardinals near the bottom of the league and number 30 out of 32 teams. With the St. Louis Rams winning last Sunday, he even ranks them above the Cardinals.

We know where Tyler ranked the Cardinals, but where do they stand with the rest of the national media?

On SB Nation's Week 9 power rankings, the Cardinals aren't even the worst team in the NFC West. At number 28, they are still ahead of the Seattle Seahawks. I'm not sure why.

ESPN is not so optimistic and have the Cardinals at number 30 just like Tyler. Says the blurb written by Mike Sando, "With St. Louis visiting, will the Cardinals suffer their first local TV blackout at University of Phoenix Stadium?" Actually, it doesn't look like it.

The power rankings at CBS Sports also have the Cardinals at number 30, ahead of only the Dolphins and the Colts. It is insinuated that the Cards will have to reevaluate things at the end of the season. Perhaps they will.

With how the team has been finding ways to lose, it is hard to argue.

Would you rank the Cardinals above 30? Would you put them even lower? What about the SB Nation ranking that has them above the Seahawks. Could that be true?

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