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Kevin Kolb unlikely to play against the St. Louis Rams

It looks like the injury to Kevin Kolbs foot is more serious than thought. Despite shedding his walking boot yesterday Kolb was unable to practice.

John Skelton will be getting the start against St. Louis. Skelton struggled as a rookie statistically but was able to win 2 of the 4 games he played. 

Should Skelton play well and win, a QB controversy will definitely begin within the Cardinals fan base. While Skelton is still very raw, he is the most experience QB within the Cardinals system.

While as much as I like Skelton I find it hard to believe that he will be that improved from last  year. He didn't even complete 50% of his passes (though I admit that number is misleading as his WR's did drop something like 7+ of his passes).

What this change really means for the Cardinals is that Beanie Wells will be facing an 8 man front most of the game. Unless he enters Beast Mode, the game will probably fall on the shoulders of Skelton (and of course the defense to stop giving up late game points). It is also possible that Wells might not even play, which could further hurt our chances.