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Madden NFL 12: Arizona Cardinals Week Nine Roster

A good day for two young linebackers (Photo by Karl Walter/Getty Images)
A good day for two young linebackers (Photo by Karl Walter/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The Cardinals blew a big lead against the Ravens, Kolb continues to see his rating slide, but a few people did get a nice little ratings boost this week.

Today, EA Sports released the ratings that will be available online tomorrow morning for those of of who own the game to download. We will take a quick look at some of the changes after the jump.

First, lets talk about the positives this week. Both of the young linebackers, Acho and Schofield saw slight boosts to their ratings after a good preformance against the Ravens. Hopefully they will continue to get more time on the field. Patrick Peterson and Beanie Wells also saw their ratings go up.

Now for the negatives, Brandon Keith went down and he was also benched for Bridges in this weeks update. Levi Brown was left alone, but I guess Donny felt sorry for how low his rating already was. Jefferson went down after being abused by Boldin. Vets Dockett and Haggans each saw slight decreases. And finally, Kevin Kolb continues his ratings tumble after a game where he was battered and bruised by the Ravens.

The Juggernaut was also added back to the roster due to the injury of Anthony Sherman.

Here is the list showing all of the ratings changes, and if there is anything you think should be changed in the ratings, tell Donny Moore the guy for EA Sports who handles the ratings changes. This is his Twitter account and he does listen to what fans tell him about who should go up or down each week.

A.J. Jefferson CB ARZ Decrease, from 73 to 72OVR
Brandon Keith OL ARZ Decrease, from 74 to 73OVR
Clark Haggans LB ARZ Decrease, from 79 to 77OVR
Kevin Kolb QB ARZ Decrease, from 81 to 79OVR
Darnell Dockett DL ARZ Decrease, from 90 to 89OVR
Sam Acho LB ARZ Increase, from 66 to 68OVR
O’Brien Schofield LB ARZ Increase, from 70 to 72OVR
Patrick Peterson CB ARZ Increase, from 81 to 82OVR
Beanie Wells HB ARZ Increase, from 81 to 83OVR
Jeremy Bridges OL ARZ Moved to RT #1 on depth chart
Brandon Keith OL ARZ Moved to RT #2 on depth chart
Ronald Talley DL ARZ Released
Reagan Mauia FB ARZ Signs