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NFL Power Rankings, Week 13: Arizona Cardinals Get Big Jump Locally, But Not Nationally

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When the Arizona Cardinals win, they should move up in people's power rankings, right? That is mostly the case this week, except for the fact that the team they beat happened to be one of the few teams below them. Nonetheless, in one list of rankings, the Cardinals make a big jump, while in another, they don't move at all.

See if you agree with them. Where would you put the Cardinals at this point in the season? Read what the other writers have to say and chime in with your thoughts.

First off, the two local power rankings have the Cards making decent leaps. I guess we can't shake having a little homer inside us. Our own ROTB power rankings have the Cardinals jumping from 25 to 19, ahead of all the other 4-7 teams in the league.

Likewise, AZ Central's rankings have the Cards jumping from 26 to 18. "They've won three of their last four games, the defense is stiffening, and the majority of teams below them all lost last week and some of them are on the skids," it explains. I'll by that explanation.

Heading more nationally, SB Nation keeps the Cards right where they were at last week at 28, praising Patrick Peterson in "a waste of a season." The season has been bad, but it hardly has been a waste. There have been a few exciting moments. No waste at all.

ESPN has Arizona jumping a whopping two spots to 25, but has them behind all but one other 4-7 team. That likely is the result of having half their victories against the lowly Lambs Rams.

Lastly, CBS Sports also has the Cardinals going up two slots, but they are still only at 28.

With the Dallas Cowboys coming to town this weekend, it will be a great opportunity to make a big jump if Arizona can come away victorious. What chances do you give the Cards of knocking off the NFC East leaders?