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Darnell Dockett Talks About Ndamukong Suh, Anger On Twitter

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The sports world has been on fire discussing the antics of Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh during the Thanksgiving Day game against the Green Bay Packers. Suh has earned himself a two-game suspension for his stomping a Green Bay offensive lineman. While most talking heads in the media have done nothing but bash his behavior, there is a guy who, while he does not condone what happened, understands Suh's behavior. That would be none other than Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett.

On Tuesday, Dockett was on Twitter giving Suh some advice and sharing his experience with anger and the game of football.

After asking his followers what Suh's Twitter handle was, he tweeted these words of advice:

@ndamukong_suh big fella keep ya head up, Your a good player, U don't need 2 get back at the OL like that, just keep doing it the right way!
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@ndamukong_suh I know the OL are full of s**t Holding, CutBlocks, tackling, all types of stuff but we as DL got to be smarter.
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@ndamukong_suh Again homie I'm just keeping it real with you. From one Good DL to another just learn from your mistakes and get better! #90
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If there is one thing that is true in the NFL, it is that defensive players are handcuffed. They are the ones called for personal fouls and fined for questionable hits. It is said that you can call holding on every play, but it doesn't happen. Defensive backs really are powerless in coverage any more.

It can certainly cause frustration.

Dockett, after mentioning Suh, then goes on to share about his struggles with controlling his temper on the field.

Everybody got a temper, sometime we don't control it and we use it wrong, I've been guilty of that on and off the field. We gotta control it
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I've started every NFL game in my career but 1 so trust me I know about DOG FIGHTS and losing my temper, but I'm better at it Now.
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IT'S only 2teams and 1player in the NFL that makes me LOSE my temper everydamn play...... But yall will never know. Ahahahah
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Dockett is a player that can sympathize with Suh. He is only a couple of years removed from being accused of being a dirty player. He once raised some eyebrows when he elbowed Matt Hasselbeck in the throat after knocking him to the ground. Hasselbeck's talking head brother, Tim, then went off on ESPN, citing his brief experience as a teammate of Dockett to call him a "bad guy."

Over the past couple of seasons, we haven't seen Dockett lose it on the field. for those two teams and one player? I want to know who. I would say the 49ers are one of them, but then again, he hasn't lost it against them. Who do you think they could be?