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Arizona Cardinals Selling Tickets To 49ers Fans?

It appears to have been pretty close, but the Arizona Cardinals reached their 59th straight sold out home game this week and the contest against the St. Louis Rams will be televised locally. We know that interest is down and that selling tickets is getting more and more difficult, especially when the team is 1-6 and five games behind the division leaders.

However, I was surprised to come across this article that tells of discounted tickets being sold by the Cardinals ticket sales people to San Francisco 49ers fans.

It turns out that the deals in question from today.


Either this guy in ticketing is just doing his job or really wants to get his allotment sold or he was just looking to get a quick buck. It makes sense to get the game sold out for everyone because then the game will be televised, but is it normal to sell to opposing fan bases as a club?

I personally find it strange, but my first reaction is that the call is being made to sell the tickets that are allotted for visiting fans.

I put a question out to Darren Urban, asking him about the ticket sales guys.

I don't know about you, but I would like to know what you think of this situation.