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NFL 'Expert' Picks Against The Spread, Week 9 Afternoon, Sunday Night, Monday Night Games

As we continue with the picks against the spread that Vegas has set for the games in Week 9, the biggest game is in the evening with the Pittsburgh Steelers hosting their mortal enemies in the Baltimore Ravens. Tim Tebow watch moves to Oakland to play the Raiders. 

Hit the jump to see our picks for the rest of the Week 9 schedule. remember that you can test yourself against us and the spread. You can join here (ID: 55411, PW: arizona). On to our picks...

Cincinnati Bengals at Tennessee Titans (-3.0): It is clear that  Vegas has these two teams evenly matched, as Tennesee gets simply the standard three point home advantage. I like the Titans for the homes field. Chris Johnson has been terrible so far this year and the Bengals have been playing some solid defense, but I'm going to call it and say (as so many other have) that CJ2K (or CJ2.8...YPC) will finally have that game. Pick: Titans -3.0.

Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders (-8.0): The Tim Tebow show moves on to California. Too bad the Denver defense doesn't stop the run and Darren McFadden likes to punish defenses. Unfortunately, McFadden will not play.  To counteract that loss, Tebow is terrible right now. I don't think the power of his goodness can help in Oaktown and in the presence of scary Raiders fans. Raiders by a ton. Pick: Raiders -8.0.

New York Giants at New England Patriots (-9.0): The Patriots return home after being more or less dominated  by the Steelers a week ago. We know that Tom Brady is not one to have that happen in consecutive weeks. The Giants have an injured Ahmad Bradshaw, who is likely to play still, but on a broken foot. Eli Manning, while he might put up good numbers, will be the unfortunate recipient of New England's frustration. Pick: Patriots -9.0.

St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals (-2.5): The Cardinals have been in position in four of their six losses to either put the game away or make a game winning drive and have not been able to do it. This game might be the matchup of backup QBs. John Skelton and A.J. Feeley could be facing off because of injuries to Kevin Kolb and Sam Bradford. The Rams' worst rated run defense will be exposed by a banged up Beanie Wells, and the Cardinals will find comfort at home against a team that does not have massive amounts of fans in Arizona. Pick: Arizona, -2.5.

Green Bay Packers (-5.5) at San Diego Chargers: Green Bay has thus far looked unstoppable. San Diego has started stronger than in previous years. They get a second full week of Vincent Jackson in practice and they lost in heart-broken fashion. It was, as Philip Rivers was shown saying to himself on the sideline, "the worst day ever." This is our upset special. We know that San Diego is as talented a team as there is and Green Bay has to lose at some point, right? Pick: Chargers, +5.5 (but we predict an outright victory). 

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers (-3.0): This is the best rivalry in the NFL right now because of the animosity between the two teams and the success both have had in recent history. Both will be amped up for the game, but at this juncture, Pittsburgh is the stronger team. They are coming off their most impressive win if the season, dominating New England, while Baltimore was lucky to have been present for the second half meltdown of the Arizona Cardinals. Pick: Steelers, -3.0.

Chicago Bears at Philadelphia Eagles (-7.5): LeSean McCoy has been as good a running back in the NFl that there has been. Some are ready to put him into the elite status. However, Chicago has a stout rush defense and loves the spotlight. Likewise, Philly is susceptible to good running backs and Chicago's Matt Forte is one of  the most productive in the league. If Philly wins it, it will be a close game. Pick: Bears, +7.5.